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  1. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Does anyone know the approximate pull weight of looped 1842 tubes? I wanted to start using tubes, but I'm recovering from a slight shoulder injury and I want to see if I'd be able to comfortably shoot continuously with them.
  2. Homemade Slingshots
    This one was inspired by M_J in his Topic "Micro-poacher Natural", where he said, "A proper poacher should be small enough to easily conceal, powerful and accurate enough to take game effectively and not so beautiful that you couldn't chuck it in the woods if you had to." Naturally, that got my...
  3. Ring Shooter #6

    Here is my latest Ring Shooter. The frame is Nispero, finished with 3 soaks of Teak oil, foloowed by 3 coats of clear high gloss lacquer. The tubes are 1842 and the pouch is by Jim Harris. It's a fine shooter.
  4. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    i made my first tube set last week out of 1842. this week i finally get around to make a set out of the 1745 i got from truly texas. i put the tubes side by side and i cannot tell the difference . they look exactly the same size and are both black. od and id look the same. did someone ship me...
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey guys.. Received a delivery in the post yesterday of a recent purchase from Dankung. It consisted of 10m of 1745, 10m of 1842 and a Black Eagle slingshot. I can't believe how small the package was when it arrived but everything was there Will post first impressions and pics shortly. Jay
  6. Homemade Slingshots
    Made from a fork knocked down by a delivery truck from a Small Leaf Linden Tree in Brooklyn. Tools: Swiss Army knife, 4 way rasp and sandpaper. Height = 5 in Fork width = 2 3/4 in I just love pickle fork shooters, and so may trim the forks down further. Its set up with 8" of 1842 and a Rayshot...
  7. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    An updated version along with PDF download can be found HERE or HERE Here is a chart to help you quickly see the difference between the various tube sizes available from Dankung. Cross section area is directly related to draw strength.
1-7 of 7 Results