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    SOTY - FinalistsVote for your favorite from 2012Little Bear - Trick or Treat2210.43%Bill Hays - Snipers Scorpion146.64%Flippinout - Antler Hybrid 2104.74%Bill Hays - Tube Master Sniper136.16%LittleBear - Poison Ivy Shooter115.21%Flippinout - Antler Hybrid 183.79%Danny0663 - Arrowshot in...
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    SOTY - Q3 FinalistsVote for your favorite from Q3AnTrAxX - Black & White53.45%Antraxx - Purple Heart and Brass1611.03%Btoon84 - Yellpurpyellcote Yshooter74.83%Bunnybuster - Widowmaker64.14%Danny0663 - Aluminium and Paper Scales10.69%Danny0663 - Arrowshot in Aluminium and Black Denim...
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    SOTY - Q2 FinalistsVote for your favorite from Q2Bill Hays - Tiger Scorpion2214.77%Bob Fionda - Victrix3120.81%Chepo69 - La Mazakota21.34%Chepo69 - Manotas96.04%Danny0663 - Aluminium and Micarta Slimline117.38%Flippinout - Antler Hybrid2718.12%Gardengrove - Tribute to Flippinout64.03%McKee -...
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    SOTY - Q4 FinalistsVote for your favorite from Q4Antraxx - Deadly Leaf2013.16%Bill Hays - Tube Master Sniper2717.76%Chunkapultman - Antler Hybrid106.58%Flippinout Slingshots - Custom Axiom127.89%Flippinout Slingshots - Sore Gum2113.82%Little Bear - Trick or Treat2214.47%Quaterinmynose - Melvin...
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    SOTY - Q1 FinalistsVote for your favorite from Q1Bill Hays - Snipers Scorpion2918.95%Bob Fionda - Roots149.15%Chaneke Josh - Guayabo X242.61%Chepo69 - La Jorobada2113.73%Danny0663 - Aluminium Dragon127.84%Flippinout - Antler Hybrid2717.65%Hrawk - Natural Boardut42.61%Sheffield - Hammer...
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    The place to talk about all things 'Slingshot of the Month' related for December 2012.
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    Slingshot of The Month - DEC 2012 - Nominations Rules: Voting for any given Month is for slingshots posted in The previous month. eg Jan's comp is based on slingshots posted in December Only slingshots that are posted on are eligible for nomination. This post can be by The...
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    Post your entries here for May 2012. Be sure to include your video and state what division the entry is for. Rules have been updated and clarified. Check them out here before you enter. Current Entries and Scores: NOVICE Richblades - 4 All Buns Glazing - 5 - Winner, Novice Class Jodi (Mrs...
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1-10 of 10 Results