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    Hey guys, Well recently I've started shooting air rifles, but I am looking to get myself a new toy in the near future. The question is.. Do I go for a Weihrauch hw97k thumbhole - which i've heard is an excellent gun but a little heavy, or an Air Arms s400 classic? The choice personally for me...
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    got this rifle a few weeks back in a right mess, only paid £5 for it, it was only shooting at just over 8lb, ive had a fiddle and now it just over 11lb, a good little gun, so ive camo it, cheers jeff before after
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    Everyone else is sharing their favourite air rifles so I thought I'd throw my two into the mix. First one is a Webley Patriot. Perhaps one of the most powerful spring guns on the planet pushing a 7.9 grain .177 pellets out at over 1170 fps for approx 24ft-lbs of energy. I recently upgraded...
1-3 of 3 Results