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  1. The Art of Shooting
    Hi! We are a small team of enthusiasts currently working on an iOS app that helps professional and amateur shooters record and analyze their results and improve their performance. We really need your help in improving our product, since you will be the main users of this app. To learn more...
  2. Airgun Forum
    Hey guys, Well recently I've started shooting air rifles, but I am looking to get myself a new toy in the near future. The question is.. Do I go for a Weihrauch hw97k thumbhole - which i've heard is an excellent gun but a little heavy, or an Air Arms s400 classic? The choice personally for me...
  3. Airgun Forum
    got this rifle a few weeks back in a right mess, only paid £5 for it, it was only shooting at just over 8lb, ive had a fiddle and now it just over 11lb, a good little gun, so ive camo it, cheers jeff before after
  4. Airgun Forum
    Everyone else is sharing their favourite air rifles so I thought I'd throw my two into the mix. First one is a Webley Patriot. Perhaps one of the most powerful spring guns on the planet pushing a 7.9 grain .177 pellets out at over 1170 fps for approx 24ft-lbs of energy. I recently upgraded...
1-4 of 4 Results