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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    Im trading the smaller thicker one with my blacksmith friend in return for heat treating 3 machetes, the other larger thinner one is sculpted perfectly to may hand. I really enjoyed making these the finish is rough but there experiments not show winners lol the first one.... and mine....
  2. For Sale by Individuals Forum
    2 I finished today... Thought you guys might like to see some synthetic loveliness. I am starting to really like working with this material, although Its a pita
  3. Homemade Slingshots
    Thought it would be rude to not share these pics with you guys As you know, the tube shooting version of MY design and a Damascus Blade reprofiled to my design also, Both clad in Micarta, Zebrano (including Zebrano Veneer for the spacers, the keen eye will see where) and Black Palm. Be sure...
  4. Homemade Slingshots
    the core is english oak, the spacers are brass, the scales are santos rose, the pommel and tips are macassar ebony, the palmswell and tip accents are olive root ball... oh and there is a small olive root spacer in the handle too (if you look real close) the finish is tung oil my favourite so...
  5. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey guys Thought you might like this, its gonna be a knife/slingshot combo. I made the knife including the heat treating, and the handle scales and this fork came from the same branch. Hopefully will be nice. full pics...
  6. Site Vendor's Forum
    hey guys n gals, appologies for being vacant at the minute I'm going through a fast steel learning curve atm and addicted to it threw this out in between though lol, there is about 30 pics http://www.facebook....76157325&type=1 it is of course a Yew Natural
  7. Site Vendor's Forum
    I would like you to meet Lilith, this is the basic core model of my new design based on the Chalice by DayHiker. For more pics check out my facebook page and if you would like to own one then it is...
  8. Competitions Forum
    Hey Everyone Andy (akmslingshots) and myself had decided to have a little competition between the two of us on who can make the best natural fork in a given amount of time. We decided to open it to whoever wants to join in. Challenge Who can make the best natural in a given amount of time...
  9. General Slingshot Discussion
    I am pleased to announce the launch of Simple Shot Shooting Sports to the international slingshot community. With the help of many talented people, I have been able to create a team of craftsmen and industry experts to bring you top quality gear and equipment for your slingshot pleasures. As...
1-20 of 132 Results