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    Hey guys. Just as the title says, Im looking for an altoids tin, empty of course. Here in Croatia we dont have altoids or anything similar and I want to make one slingshot for my EDC and I want to store it in an altoids tin. I know this is a bit awkward but I just want an altoids tin Cheers
  2. Slingshot Hunting
    This morning it was drizzling rain. I was looking out a front window to check how serious it was, in anticipation of walking the dog. I spotted a big rat hunkered down in the edge of the hedge, facing away from me ... probably wary of one of the neighborhood cats. I thought I would give my...
  3. Slingshot Hunting
    There seems to be quite a population explosion of rats in my neighborhood. I have a hedge along one side of my house, and I have occasionally seen a rat there. I have a bird feeder hanging next to my front door, and the rats were feeding on the cast off bird seed. I set some traps and caught...
  4. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey everyone! This is actually my submission for the altoid tin contest, and it's my latest PFS design. Made from 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum, and 1/4" bocote and 1/8" zebrawood scales! Just fits in the tin by about 1/16"! The bands are 10.75"X1/2"X1/4". Let me know what you think! -Josh
  5. Homemade Slingshots Can't figure out how to embed from my phone. Figured I would join in the altoid craze, and I must say I love plinking 7/16 steel with this thing!
1-6 of 6 Results