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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    1/2" steel 1/2" and 3/8" steel *No TV's were harmed during this temper tantrum. This was a curb-find that needed to be taught a lesson. :)
  2. Slingshot Hunting
    Hello all Thought I would share an experiment I did with different hunting setups of mine on some ballistic gel. The gel was homemade out of cooking gelatine so the precise depths are not necessarily applicable to actual meat, however the relative depths are. in the top photo of the gelatine the...
  3. Newbie Question Forum
    Hello everybody Clay behaves differently according to temperature, humidity, etc. Any tips and advice on how to store clay balls? This is to maintain consistency, hardness and not gain moisture. Thanks
  4. Newbie Question Forum
    Looking for a new frame and watched several videos on getting the right shot for the bands but it seems they all assume steel shot and mention both size and weight. I want to shoot clay shot and wondering how it compares. I have yet to find any charts to that a comparison. Will bands good for...
  5. Slingshot Reviews
    Everyone here is looking for a bargain when it comes to ammo, and so was I yesterday whilst browsing wasps slingshots website and found a company they personally have linked for steel bbs named Balls of Steel sussex. DO NOT USE THEM, they created a Fed ex label, did not send the parcel, and...
  6. British Isles
    Good Morning all I have come into a surplus amount of quality 7mm steel balls. 1.9 million to be exact and I'm looking to offload these to free up some warehouse space. Feel free to make me an offer on any amount Thanks Andy
  7. Newbie Question Forum
    What size bearing balls should I use for 1 mm thick flat bands? I want to shoot pigeons, coots and if possible with the same band also rabbits. I really don't have a clue on what size ammo I should get, I looked up 10 mm steel but don't know if that is good, it's also pretty pricey. So if there...
  8. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey Folks, I found an interesting video. An excellent shooter tested different ammos and at 9:35 of the video, you can see how far each one went into the gel. Very interesting test. What do you think? It is a pity 3/8'' steel ball was not shown there.
  9. Newbie Question Forum
    I'm brand new to slingshots and will be picking up an Enzo start pack. It comes with "18/12" band set they say is matched for 8mm steel ammo. I'd like to start out on some kind of safer ammo if possible in case of frame hits and other technique related problems I might encounter as a beginner...
  10. Newbie Question Forum
    Can anyone tell me the weight difference of clay ammo vs steel? I normally shoot 8mm steel but I was thinking of converting to clay.
  11. Balls

  12. Homemade Slingshots
    This is a fun one I made after making a blue and a black hammer set for a gentleman in Italy... Whenever I make more than one of a design I usually cut a spare core just in case I screw up, and that's what this one started off as... the spare. Well, the two others turned out good so when I had...
  13. 7/16 Steel

  14. General Slingshot Discussion
    After reading this topic, , I decided to model some polymer clay around some hex nuts & washers. They have a bit more ummph than just regular baked clay, & help give shape to the hex nuts. I hope to test them a bit later today.
  15. General Slingshot Discussion
    Does anyone have suggestions for biodegradable ammo, other than clay ? I tried garbanzo beans, but they aren't very round and they curve a lot. Thanks.
  16. General Slingshot Discussion
    I have shot almost one bag of those with my friend. When they hit something hard, like a rock, they brake down to fine dust. And they are also cheap, 2.50 euros for one liter.
  17. General Slingshot Discussion
    SCORE! Just hit the Dollar Store and found 23 bags for .60 cents a piece. I left two bags, in case there's another shooter in the vicinity. New tubes on my shooter and I'm off to the races, or the loony bin.
  18. General Slingshot Discussion
    my mum just came up to me with these marbles
  19. General Slingshot Discussion
    G'day, mates. My friend Paul lives in Queensland and is in need of ammo. I sent him home with a Bill Hay's SEAL and a few hundred rounds of marbles and 3/8 two weeks ago. Obviously, he's out of ammo. He owns and runs Prawnstar lures, so he's pretty busy. I'd like to have some ammo sent to him...
1-19 of 57 Results