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  1. Competitions Forum
    Wow what a month! With 132 votes, this has been out biggest turnout yet. Anyhow, time to announce the winners! In first place by a BIG margin, we have Torsten and his 'Ebony and Masur Birch' We have a tie for second place with Bob Fionda's 'Roots' and Sling Jim's 'Hammer Hunter' In...
  2. Competitions Forum
    Slingshot of the Month - APR 2012Who made the best slingshot ?Tex Shooter : 'Bazooka Star'129.45%Bob Fionda : 'Roots'1713.39%Sling Jim : 'Hammer Hunter'1713.39%Wombat : 'Blackwood Split Frame Recurve'97.09%Torsten : 'Ebony and Masur Birch'4132.28%Alfshooter : 'Avatar Scorpion'107.87%Imperial ...
  3. Competitions Forum
    Could somebody tell me how to upload a picture and a link for nomination
1-3 of 3 Results