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  1. General Off Topic
    Who are some of your favorite woodworking artists? other than chepo here's one of mine... its a chick : ) Cha Jong-Rye http://www.thisiscol...f-cha-jong-rye/
  2. Chepo69

    this skinny kid is so ergonomic, and for its thin profile it has great ergos and handles lead really well
  3. Chepo69

    this guy is chubby and fits the hand perfectly
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    this is part 2 of my thanks to Mr. 69, if anything i just have the same to say about this sling s i did in part 1, but the craft and talent are every bit as present in this wonderful slingshot. i re-introduce to you (insert name here) again the tip of the fork so well done the crotch i mean...
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    it has taken me a couple of days to post this post, not knowing quite how to thank Mr. 69, but here is part 1 of 3 parts, i made a trade with Mr. 69 a short while back, if any of you know him you know how much he jokes, and has fun with just about everything, in some senses i did not know what...
  6. General Slingshot Discussion
    Just seen this on the news: http://www.dailymail...low-motion.html Video:
1-6 of 6 Results