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  1. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Edited 17/8/22 Quick intro, I consider myself an intermediate slingshooter and have been into the sport for about a year now. I started my journey with tubes, but now also shoot flat bands, and love both equally. I have seen a lot of beginner tips for flat band and shooting in general, but...
  2. Introductions Forum
    I saw a video by a guy named Joerg Sprave a while back and then couldn't stop watching his videos. I was really surprised with how powerful a slingshot can be. I decided I would like to learn how to use a slingshot. I am a US military vet with SERE training and never really realised how useful a...
  3. Introductions Forum
    hello people of the slingshot world. im not completely new to slingshots as i have had one for years i shoot air rifles and my friends shotguns. and have just started practising with a slingshot to start hunting with one.
  4. Introductions Forum
    Hello everyone. My name is James, and I'm fairly new to slingshots and have no idea really where to start on making them. I know, "chop a branch and shape it" but it's not as simple as it sounds... How do I know if the branch will be strong enough, or thick enough, ect. I'm also lost when it...
  5. Introductions Forum
    Hello from Ontario, Canada. What a pleasure it is to have discovered this forum! Recently I decided that I would like to eventually try my hand at hunting small game with a slingshot; unfortunately, I've not even held one since I was about 14 years old (it was a forked branch with bicycle tire...
1-5 of 5 Results