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  1. Other Weapon Types
    I made a mistake about the ammo we were using it wasn't elastic fanbelts but rather indusrial rubberbands,I guess when I was a boy it looked like a fanbelt because it had a similaur appearance to fanbelts. This revolation came to me when I was speaking with my brother today,sorry it was so long...
  2. Other Weapon Types
    We weren't shooting elastic fan belts,it was industrial rubberbands,they appeared to be fanbelts to me as a boy & I discovered this after having a conversation with my brother about it,any way I drew a picture of what a beltgun looked like enjoy. Its an attatched to my file!
  3. Other Weapon Types
    When I was a kid,my granpa made us a version of a rubberband rifel that was cut from thick boards & resimbled muskets more or less! And instead of clothes pins,granpa attatched industrial steel clamps as the trigger lock also instead of rubberbands we were shooting elastic fan belts that could...
1-3 of 3 Results