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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    As promised in my introduction, here are some pictures of my very first slingshot that I just finished. It's made out of black walnut using Bill Hays "Patriot" template. I made it fairly thick, just under 1 1/4", fearing that it may break since it's not a natural. I cut it out of a 2" thick...
  2. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    I may be getting a bronze moorhammer at somepoint and want strong bands for it, so I was wondering if single full width thera band black down to 8 cm would be stronger than one inch wide double thera band gold with no taper? Your help will be really appreciated Cheers, tom
  3. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    I am conducting allot of calculations to help my knowledge of theoretical slingshot performance. One critical piece of data I am missing is the density of Theraband products (most importantly gold). If anyone knows where I could find this data that would be great. If anyone who has a large piece...
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    how do you remove the arm brace from the black widow as its pinching my hand with my new more powerful band?
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hello, my new thera band blue, which was delivered and put on today has started to rip near the end of the right fork, Its really irritating that this thing is 20 shots old and starting to rip, what am I doing wrong?? Adam
  6. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Hello, I'm a new member and thus not very experienced with where to buy flatbands. I cant find flat bands anywhere on the internet, and cant find them any where in the U.K. Can anyone direct me to a internet shop where I can buy them, preferably in the U.K but this is not a must. Thanks, Adam
1-6 of 6 Results