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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey everyone, Charles has been posting his infamous "boo shooters" the last couple months, and the ingenuity he employed was just awesome! I was at the local Goodwill the other day and saw a bunch of bamboo spatula's for a 1.49 and decided to give his idea a go. I cut the fork out, reshaped it...
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    here in the past we have all seen the generosity of one our more modest Mods, he does contests, gifts many of his frames to unsuspecting recipients, and is a fountain of information. all in all a really selfless man. i am fortunate to be one of his recipients, of not 1 but 2 of his very cool...
  3. Homemade Slingshots
    I asked a friend of mine to keep an eye out for bamboo spatulas. She was cruising a second hand store and found these little spatulas for 39 cents each. Hmmmm .... they are just a bit bigger than an Altoids tin, but not by much. Of course you know what was going through my mind. Well, here...
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    O.K. folks ... I went cruising the local second hand stores yesterday. Tuesdays are Seniors Day, and we old farts get a 20% discount. Well, just look at what I found: Well, kiddies .... Can you say "boo shooters"???? Cheers ..... Charles
  5. Homemade Slingshots
    I was poking through some second and stores yesterday, and I found this great item: I believe it is a lignum vitae spoon. [EDIT: Thanks, guys ... I readily bow to your superior wisdom on this ... sorry for the mistake ... black palm it is.] I could not resist ... cost 50 cents. Of course my...
  6. Slingshot Tutorials
    The term "Boo Shooter" is based on two ideas. First, these slingshots are quite compact ... sort of peek-a-boo slingshots. Second, most of the slingshots of this type that I have made have been made from bamboo. Here are three examples to give you an idea of what they are: The one on the left...
1-6 of 6 Results