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    There have been quite a few ideas posted concerning catch boxes or backstops for slingshot shooting. The topic seems to reappear with some regularity. I thought I would share a couple of ideas that I have been using for some time. Rather than write up a long description and take a bunch of...
  2. My mrs' towels

    My mrs' towels

    Another angle of my thrown together catchbox.
  3. My mrs' towels

    My mrs' towels

    Just found some old towels lashed an off cut branch to a tree and then hung the towels on coat hangers. Works well, gotta be portable. If I left it out the dog would get it!
  4. Nicking the mrs' old towels

    Nicking the mrs' old towels

    A quickly thrown together idea, so I could use the Barnett Diablo I bought from my local hunting store after getting a bit nostalgic!
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Ok, after almost a year of fiddling around and much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I added a few more layers to the backer in my catchbox, and finally got about 95% of the shots to stay in and roll into my collection bag. I was a little dubious after all the grief I've had with bounceouts and...
  6. General Slingshot Discussion
    So I was messing around with the curtain configuration for a couple days and settled on this prototype. I have a good idea of what is working for me in this setting. It's basically a cheap cotton curtain meant for a window decoration. I hung up a 1/2" pvc and the curtain strung up nicely. At...
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey guys im new to this forum and i just wanna see what you guys use as targets or catch boxes
  8. General Slingshot Discussion
    I think I have heard of this before and I can get one very cheap near me. I was wondering how it was setup? And how well it works? Thank you.