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  1. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Elastic Ammo Speed (fps) Power (ft lb) Dankung 1842 double pseudo tapered 12mm lead 259 26.8 Dubdub Green single pseudo tapered 12mm lead 259 23.6 Theraband Gold double tapered 12mm lead 229 18.4 Dubdub Orange single straight 12mm lead 215 16.3 Barnett Standard...
  2. A New World Record?

    Is this a new world record? No, it's not. It just proves that Chronys do make mistakes. The actual speed of this very thin Everlast banded slingshot is a bit less than 300 fps.
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    For those without a chrony this just might be of interest: http://www.pyramydai...splatology.html It's a reference created by Gary Barnes to to estimate air gun velocities but it's very applicable to slingshots. A lead ball of any calibre will give the same mushrooming when fired at a hard...
  4. Slingshot Tutorials
    I originally posted about this in October 2011 in THIS thread. I had to build a few more today for friends so I thought I'd take a few pics along the way. What you need: 3.5mm stereo line plug Momentary switch Length of 2 core cable Soldering Iron Solder Pliers or cutters Tape or heat shrink...
  5. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Was testing some different flats set up for target shooting, and had to try this rig, gotta say pretty good results from an easy draw...
  6. General Slingshot Discussion
    Being completely paranoid of accidentally shooting the LCD on my chrony one day, I decided to make a shield up for it. Made from the same 20mm Acrylic I make my slingshots from, nothing's getting through this baby. Not shown in the pics, but I also have 4 silicone feet to offset it from the...
1-6 of 6 Results