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  1. Competitions Forum
    Here's a competition idea. You get 10 shots of whatever size ammo you want to shoot the best smiley face you can into a piece of cardboard. Minimum distance 33'. How does that sound?
  2. Competitions Forum
    Hey folks, It's getting to that point of the year again where everyone is overcome with generosity so I thought it was about time I gave something away again. I know how everyone loves to see stuff being smashed with a slingshot so this give away will be in the form of a 'Destruction Video'...
  3. Competitions Forum
    hi, just wondering whether there are any competitions in britain. i know that there are quite a few in america but i dont know about here. any information is apreciated.
  4. The Art of Shooting
    I have made some target shooting adjustable iris safety glasses. Such devices are sometimes used for target shooting disciplines that require iron sights because they offer several advantages: Superior depth of field Both the fork tip and your target will be in sharp focus at the same time...
  5. British Isles
    I would like to congratulate Skipman aka Ian Jones on winning the British Field Sports Society, Catapult Championship, at Chatsworth Country Fair on Sunday Sept 4th 2011. In a hard fought battle, Ian beat Mr Moxon, the winner for the previous twelve years, in a five target shoot out. Ian was...
  6. General Slingshot Discussion
    We need competitions like this in the states! [media]
1-6 of 6 Results