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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    WARNING, WARNING, WARNING This is your last weekend for the Great Altoid Tin Build Off!!!! Get that puppy made, and post it down in the Competitions forum. There will be some fabulous prizes awarded by random draw, so everyone has a chance. Some of the prizes have been announced, but there will...
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    All right everyone .... this will be you last reminder!!! (Did I just hear a big collective sigh of relief????) Yep, it's that old, ugly, long-haired, bearded, weirdo, hippy freak trying to goad you into being creative. We are in the final days of the GREAT Altoid Tin Build Off. You have only...
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Just a not so gentle reminder ... you have only three (3) more weeks to get your entry into the Altoid tin build-off contest. You could win a FABULOUS prize. Have a look at the details here: Cheers ..... Charles
  4. Competitions Forum
    Several of you have suggested some sort of Altoid tin contest. So I thought I would organize one. There have been a number of small slingshot designs suggested that would fit in an Altoid tin. Here are some that I found: http://slingshotforu...opener +shooter http://slingshotforu...+bottle...
  5. The Art of Shooting
    Here's my latest entry for the 10m shooting contest over at 4 in the bullseye, one off by that much, score 23. Hawk2009 has a perfect entry. I know there are other real shooters here, at least pepole who say they are. I've seen what seems like an awful lot of posts lately...
  6. General Off Topic
    In honor of the new arcade games, I will be giving a bag of 25 .50 caliber lead balls to whoever is able to achieve the highest score in "Sky Blocks" before/on 8-27-2011. The contest starts.... Now!
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    I thought it was about time to offer a naming contest for all of the forum members seeing as I need a new name for my palmswell design. Here is the shooter you will receive if you win (value of $80CDN) As you can see it is signed and numbered (#9 of my exotic laminates) and has been finished...
1-7 of 8 Results