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  1. Slingshot Modifications
    I love my GZK Hammer but the handle is a little drab. I tried the G10 handle which looks much nicer but is too heavy and slippery for me. So I thought I would try to cast some new handles. I used Omoo 25 silicone for the mold and Smooth-Cast 300 for the resin, both from Smooth-On. First, I...
  2. multi tip6

    A custom to order frame I traded for my new recurve bow.
  3. Knife Forum
    Ok, so what DO you want in a custom knife? I'm talking about a truly bespoke blade, made to your specifications, for you and only for you, to do exactly what you want to do with it, and do it better than any other knife in the world. That's a tall order, and to be happy with what you get when...
  4. SIDE 2

  5. Slingshot Reviews
    hi guys, by now you guys know i really like quality work. and when someone does a good job i let you guys know, not so much out of pride, but so you can have confidence in them as vendors. i recently, through a trial and error process of pain elimination (HAND INJURIES) , put a few of my frames...
  6. saleos ltd edition

    new saleos out in the field
  7. custom natural from akm

    <p>.a day out with the new sling </p>
  8. Mini hunter (bill hays) (2)

    This is my attempt at a bill hays mini-hunter! The only tools I had was a saw, drill, and some sand paper.
  9. Mini hunter (bill hays)

    This is my attempt at a bill hays mini-hunter! The only tools I had was a saw, drill, and some sand paper.
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    As with a lot of you, my collection of collectable and fine wood slingshots is forever growing. My boot box is really getteng too small. Also I don't want any of my "high end" frames getting scratched. I would also like an easy to access display that I can show and still be easy to access when I...
  11. Homemade Slingshots
    I bought a board of red oak (1" x 8" x 2ft) today along with some files. - How should I cut out the slingshot in relation to the grain for strength? - What kind of cutting/sanding tools would you recommend? - Should I oven/fire harden the slingshot after I've shaped it? If so, at what...
  12. Slingshot Reviews
    On Monday, I received my first custom slingshot from a member on this forum. It was from jskeen, who made me a gorgeous laminate that includes a thick oak core, walnut faces, and ebony palm swells that have ziricote spacers separating the ebony from the walnut. I asked for a darker wood...
1-12 of 12 Results