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  1. My S-Lock fork tips

    This was the last of my King Starboard. (But, more is on it's way! Eeeeeee!) The fork tips are my own variation of universal forks. I call it the S-Lock fork.
  2. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey guys, I made a design a bit ago to work on and improve, that recently I turned into an oak boardcut. This is my first "proper" boardcut but I am working on a chalice boardcut, but with a twist One of the things I look for in a finger/thumb braced catapult, is a nice "hook" for your...
  3. Templates - Support Topics
    well i am working on this new design called the devil shooter and its pretty much finished just need a little perfecting and i plan on making it but i dont think i can do those tips with my machete and i dont have lots of tools :/ here it is
  4. Templates - Support Topics
    Looking at the amazing popularity of the PFS and the fun I have with a similar sized shooter Danny made for me, I thought I'd have a go at designing a similar sized fork myself. Here it is, "The Wrench" This design is free of copy write and can be used by anyone, private and commercial...
  5. Templates - Support Topics
    Presenting to you "The Paddle" by Natural Fork Height : 6 1/2" Width : 3/4" Fork Gap : 2" Throat depth : 1 1/8"
  6. Templates - Support Topics
    Following on from the success of my previous design "The Dragon", I have been playing around with a slightly smaller design based on a similar fork geometry. I present to you "The Baby Dragon" I have designed this with single 1745 or 1842 tubes in mind. This design is free for anybody to use...
  7. Slingshot Tutorials
    Hi folks, I've had a few people asking for tips on using Inkscape to design slingshots so I put together this quick video to help you all get started. I recommend watching in HD and fullscreen. Inkscape is a free open source program and can be downloaded from HERE I hope you find this...
1-7 of 7 Results