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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    I spotted this fork a couple of mornings ago, I think it's beech but I can't be sure. Fitted with rolyan's heaviest tubing, it really packs a punch. Originally I was finger bracing but I just couldn't keep hold of it so I tried a hammer grip and I can just about contain the sheer power these...
  2. Want to Trade Forum
    I bought 2 meters of rolyan's heaviest tubing (plum colour) for 14mm lead and although I can pull off a fair few shots with it, it's definitely overkill. I reckon it's probably perfect for 16mm lead upwards as its got some ridiculous power and the speed isn't too shabby either. I cut a beer can...
  3. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Any day now I should receive my order of plum colour dub dub. It's the heaviest tube that Rolyan do as far as I know, with orange and green being ranked 2 and 3 on a scale of 5. I paid £6 for 2 meters so if it's any good at throwing 14mm lead then It's a bargain. Single green doesn't really do...
  4. For Sale by Individuals Forum
    On eBay uk at the moment but I'd be happier if someone from here ended up with it. Would love it to go to a good home.
  5. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    hey, ive always wondered why dub dub tubes are called what they are... can somebody please tell me? -zac
  6. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    I've found a site where I can buy 30 meters of green dub dub, turns out the green is only number 3 on a resistance chart of 5 with black being the top dog. The childlike (majority) part of my brain says "ooh... Bigger is better" but the sceptical part says "hold your horses there Johnboy, it's...
  7. Homemade Slingshots
    Here's the first finished slingshot from my recent trade with Harson. I traded him a slingshot I made for a couple of raw forks. Both arrived and were nice and chunky, giving me some room to work. This is something a little different for me. I spent alot of time on the handle shape, removing...
1-7 of 7 Results