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  1. For Sale by Individuals Forum
    hey you guys i don't really shoot this one much so i am gonna let it go onto a new home. i would like £35+P&P thank you guys if you wanna barter me down send us a pm also do the same if you have something you would like to trade it with please send us a PM and we will discuss it there cheers chunk
  2. Homemade Slingshots
    hey you guy finally finished this beauty the core was sent to me by bill and i finished it by adding the dymalux scales and pinned it with brass pins the the dremel 'came out' and it was time for shaping this one fits my (as described by nathan of flippinout) 'paws' perfectly this has become my...
  3. dymalux arrowshot ergo

    this slingshot i made from the arrowshot ergo PDF on the shared design area it is a real comfy ss to hold
  4. bill hays and chunk collaboration

    the core os this slingshot was made by bill hays which a asked him for so i could finish it. i put the dymalux scales of it then shaped and sanded it
1-5 of 6 Results