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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    There has been some discussion about ways to improve the targets for the ECST and other tournaments. One possibility that has been brought up is a product called "Shoot N C" targets. I got some of these for Christmas (what to get for the man who has everything :) ) and tried them out: My...
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    Okay everyone.Mark your calenders.Got the official word today that next years dates for the ECST shoot have been approved.The shoot dates will be June 7-8-9. Hope to see you all there!
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Need feedback for next years dates.I know this last years shoot was pretty cold.I have to admit the weather has been pretty unfavorable to us. I have been working with the Club trying to get a new date.We have the opportunity to move the date for 2013 to June 7,8,9. I told them I would let...
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    When I build slingshots, I do so with the end user in mind. My goal is to create a slingshot that is easy to shoot well, a pleasure to behold, and gets the job done. This year, of the top five place finishers of the 2012 ECST, three of those shooters were shooting FlippinOut Slingshots...
  5. USA Northeast
    Thank You to everyone that helped to once again make this tournament a success. Their generous time, monetary,and prize donations help to continue to make this a premier shoot for both beginners and old pros of the slingshot sport . If I left anyone out Feel free to speak up.Forgive me for...
  6. USA Northeast
    Well judging from the comments .I would say I achieved what I tried to create.A competitive,frustrating IDK,yet a event to test your accuracy under pressure. I told everyone ...take your time as it was well within possibility to get a perfect score.. Ask Crazy Mike.I watched him do it three...
  7. USA Northeast
    I am still catching my breath and trying to repack all the things that are needed to successfully put on this event, I still have a lot of work to do .I will get the names of all the donators ASAP. One special award though, I must comment on now. That is the beautiful trophy /award that...
  8. USA Northeast
    What were they using? Slingshots used in the first five places, three by Flippinout (one of which Rayshot designed I believe but built by Nathan), one Smitty design built by Peresh, one Wrist Rocket Pro( yes that is right,WRP), and one Performance Catapults SPS. Alot of competitors were using...
  9. USA Northeast
    See attachment, thought you might want to move this somewhere else Hrwak. Philly Well, to say one person stood out above the rest would be an understatement. Rayshot took first place and the Eagle Eye contest at the ECST. I shot with Ray last year when he finished third and knew that he would...
  10. USA Northeast
    First of all, congratulations to Rayshot, Peresh and the legendary Blue Skeen for bringing home the hardware. It was a real pleasure watching you guys shoot and just hanging out with you all weekend. Everybody else who attended as well. It was, above all else, a weekend full of motorcycles (for...
  11. USA Northeast
    Starting a thread so we can hopefully compile all the ECST pics in one place.
  12. USA Northeast
  13. USA Northeast
    Currently northbound in Ohio. Going to meet up withk in Columbus.
  14. USA Northeast
    We still don't know if live streaming can take place at the shoot, but I have put together a link here I will be tinkering with it the next few days so check in regularly. The account you need to subscibe to is: DoubleXDesigns at
  15. USA Northeast
    Here are the first, second and third place trophies for this year's champions. I offered to make them this year and spent considerable time trying to come up with the perfect trophy. Well, here is the story of how they came to be... Jaybird gifted myself, and several others last year, with...
  16. General Slingshot Discussion
    just to say good luck to the people going to the ECST hope you all have a good time can't wait to see the vids from some of the guys on you tube GOOD LUCK
  17. The Art of Shooting
    The ammo is 3/8 (9.5mm) The circles are not labeled correctly since the target was shrunk the sizes of circles starting with the bull are; 1 3/4, 3 1/2, 5 5/8. Need more practice but this is the first paper target in months. And first from a longer distance than 33 ft.. This shooting was...
  18. USA Northeast
    Start the count down to next year!!!
  19. USA Northeast
    All prizes are greatly appreciated.If you are thinking of sending anything it is getting near that time.They can be sent to Flatband"Gary Miller" or me.Thanks........Patty I just received a neat little slingshot from Steve "Popshot" Parker.
1-19 of 19 Results