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  1. DSCF1093

    Spring here (New Zealand) so couldn't resist prettying things up a bit.
  2. DSCF1089

  3. DSCF1088

    Starship enterprise? lol
  4. DSCF1087

    The elm surprised me, looked very plain until final polish then showed some beautiful details.
  5. DSCF1078

    In the process, pre-amputation...
  6. spalted elm burr ally milbro

    Abit like a pfs but is really nice to hold
  7. spalted elm burr ally milbro

    Finished up to 600grit with abranet and a coat of tung oil
  8. spalted elm burr ally milbro

    Copied the shape of my old milbro, then widened the forks and concaved them
  9. sad shooter

    the sad shooter, mostly because it is elm, and it was made for the i knife contest, but it did not take much work.
  10. Elm burr chalice

    a friend had some spare elm burr which had been in his dads shed for about 30 years, unfortunately it has some woodworm but thought id make a chalice with a slight palmswell (which is on the back). finished in tung oil
1-13 of 13 Results