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  1. The Art of Shooting
    skeet style shot at about ten meters. pc333 red chainset with 7/16" steel. sorry for the quailty- pretty much just an audio track. girlfriend can't shoot a video to save her soul. and no, that's not how we talk. wangshot
  2. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    i tried to spend the time to keep this chainset particularly straight. look how straight they are!!! it makes zero difference, they shoot the same.
  3. Homemade Slingshots
    this was a kiawe (mesquite) fork that i found awhile back. it had some wormholes and looked like crap but there was lots of room to work with. armed with my fresh blade and tune up, i split it on my bandsaw and put in a koa spacer as an accent. i then installed an 'iliahi (sandalwood) burl...
  4. Feral Catapults 'iliahi

    split kiawe fork with sandalwood ('iliahi) burl.
  5. Feral Catapults 'iliahi

    split kiawe fork with sandalwood ('iliahi) burl.
  6. Homemade Slingshots
    sean sent me this fork awhile back, i decided to go natural on it, just a straight saw and sand, no knife, no rasp. it's got two notches in its belt already, with PC444's, Supersure Rockstar pouch and Stones! i was going for a jmp style natural. Thanks for sending this fork, Sean!
  7. The Art of Shooting
    I found something that might be useful for the iphone users out there. if you take video in good lighting, it's very sharp, and the slow motion is pretty good, and 'scrubbable' (you can drag your finger on it to advance/rewind) useful for identifying a yip or glitch in your routine. these 2...
  8. Homemade Slingshots
    i cut this piece of green mesquite off of a young tree in february. bored, i put it in the freezer to make bark removal easier, debarked it, and barely did any shaping. I wanted a no frills, smooth as glass worker natural with tabs. this young mesquite is very strong, and has a deep yellow...
  9. Slingshot Hunting
    1745's, supersure superpouch, SPS and 3/8" steel. Headshot pass through at 15 m. Any tanning tips?
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    Laying up some fiberglass mat for my flipkung that should arrive today. I'm trying to restrain myself from ordering 20 of these. I've got all kinds of ideas.
  11. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    I don't usually retie my tears at the pouch, but this bandset is feelin' real nice, so i didn't want to tie a fresh one. when i tie my bands, i try to conceal the cut edge of the band from abrasion. i feel that it lasts longer and when it does fail, it fails slowly and from the center toward...
  12. Slingshot Hunting
    Dankung luck rings vs sky rat in front of my client's store. 2040 looped tubes .50 cal lead. dead before it hit the floor. these guys shack up in the rafters of my friend's store and make all kine babies up there. That just doesn't go with the store's brand, so she called me for some...
  13. General Slingshot Discussion
    i needed a pouch for my .50 lead, looked on youtube and found a slideshow. then it clicked! it took one hour, start to finish, and about 25 feet.
  14. General Slingshot Discussion
    all of a sudden, tapatalk or ssf will not let me post from my iphone without tagging the post. this would not be a problem, however there is no way to enter a tag. it's extremely frustrating and has been happening off and on for a month or so. to commemorate this, i assigned a few random tags...
  15. Slingshot Hunting
    neck shot at 10 m, olivia yanked him outta the bush
  16. Homemade Slingshots
    I had no idea what to do with a fork i had harvested last week after our hailstorm. there were branches everywhere in the nearby condo complex to harvest, and i grabbed about 6, one of which was enormous, the base was as big around as my bicep. then i saw Dayhiker's postand was pleased to find...
  17. Homemade Slingshots
    I had this kiawe fork that i cut off a deadfall, i didn't like the cant of the handle, so i added a sideswell, palmswell, pinky hook and koa butt cap. finished with CA glue, sanded to 180 well within the safe zone. Named after my goat's hoof. finished off with a supersure pouch.
  18. Slingshot Tutorials
    1- start a small fire in a fire pit or fireplace 2- let it burn to embers/coals 3- take your wood frame that is PRIOR TO BEING FINISHED (oiled, lacquered, painted, CA finished) and drop it in. I'm going to burn the Feral Catapults C Cup Natural. 4- leave it on the coals for 30 sec to 1 minute...
  19. Slingshot Tutorials
    step 1- gather supplies: 1) 1/4" bolt 3" long 2) hex nuts that thread onto the bolt 2) 2" fender washers with a 1/4" hole an old t shirt scissors and a large cup to trace (4-5 inches diameter) Assembly: trace 10 circles onto the shirt with a marker cut out circles fold in half then quarter then...
1-20 of 23 Results