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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    i took a lighter to the wood today and had a go from 100ft, and on my second shot i nailed it lol, i just wish i would have had a go from 200ft or 150ft first -- gamekeeper john
  2. Slingshot Hunting
    Just brought the new catapult from gamekeeper john, god the bloody power on the thing, tried it on some grey squirrels just not up to scratch at shooting yet. I will get fresh food soon, watch this space
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    my order of leather came today, well i didn't think there would be this much lol, its the same 1.5mm - 2mm stuff i'v been using for the past 6 months, its bycast leather, in my opinion its the best i'v ever used, very lightweight for super fast shots, nice and soft so you can feel the ammo...
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    hello !!! has you probaly know i have over 200 video's on my youtube and love making them, i have just had a idea, i'm thinking of making a shooting video of forum members shooting, we could have dgui's out of the air shots, bill hayes card cuts, hawks shooting through the tube and a...
  5. Introductions Forum
    Hi all wicked site, can't wait to get a catapult for them rabbits
  6. Slingshot Hunting
    because theres not a lot of new posts in the hunting section heres a duck i shot about 6 onths ago, some of you have probaly already seen it, but for those who havnt, here it is -- gamekeeper john
  7. Slingshot Hunting
    i'v noticed the hunting section is quiet lately so i will post a couple of vids of some live game i'v shot in the past, heres the first one, its a pigeon i shot using treble theraband gold and 14mm lead, -- gamekeeper john
  8. Slingshot Hunting
    if i get anymore near misses would u like me to post? or would you rather wait for the kill? thanks -- gamekeeper john
  9. General Slingshot Discussion
    hello is there a machine that will sand a catapult as good has hand sanding? the reason i am asking is because i spend about 20 minutes hand sanding each one of my catapults and the past few weeks i'v been making over 10 a day and spending over 4 hours a day sanding by hand, my finger nails...
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    while i was waiting for a few frames to dry in my workshop this morning i started drawing straight onto multiplex, after about 5 mins i had 2 frames drawed on and ready to cut out, i dont know what made me draw them and i probaly wont make either again but here they are, the one with the pinky...
  11. Templates - Support Topics
    heres a couple from me, i have made both of these designs and both feel and shoot great,
1-11 of 11 Results