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  1. DSCF1093

    Spring here (New Zealand) so couldn't resist prettying things up a bit.
  2. DSCF1089

  3. DSCF1088

    Starship enterprise? lol
  4. DSCF1078

    In the process, pre-amputation...
  5. Site Vendor's Forum
    Hi all, these two forks are for sale: the first is named ELF and the second VENATRIX. These slingshots are also available to purchase from Thanks for watching, Bob
  6. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey guys, Yesterday I went out on a little walk/fork hunt and came back with 6 forks. I dried one of them in the microwave, and decided i'd start to work on it today. I decided to aim for a small sized catty, that can be carried easily in the pocket, well in my camo trouser pockets! It was only...
  7. Homemade Slingshots
    What do you think of this natural?Not very good37.14%Meh, it's okay1330.95%Thats good!1945.24%WOW614.29%WOWOWOWOW!!12.38%
  8. Homemade Slingshots
    Here she is! I spent a good week finishing her up when I had free time. Started out as a block of mahogany. This is my first attempt at carving, and making a SS. Wood working is generally not my specialty (metal working is), but I did learn how to use basic equipment about 9 years ago in high...
  9. Knife Forum
    Hi guys, still looking around for knives, I found two Citadel's handmade in Cambodia: Husky and Danang. I like them, does anybody knows or have made a review of them? Thanks, Bob.
1-11 of 11 Results