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  1. The Art of Shooting
    hey, i hit them in a row from 15m. with my rambone... (y) didn't draw if fully, since this might be too powerful for the toys. first time shooting rubber lizards... its fun. :p sorry, no youtube. idk why they banned me. :mad:
  2. Slingshot Hunting
    Hey,I want to start hunting with my slingshots and i want to know what is the best thera tube setup.I dont want too much draw weight just what a normal guy can handle .Thanks .Sorry for the bad english. :)
  3. Newbie Question Forum
    Hey guys, I just found out that a store nearby has some theratube .I just want a little help to know what is the best for me. I want to hunt rabbits and pigeons and target shooting .I am 15 but I am already stronger than most of adults. Thanks for the help. :wave:
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    For those with access to it, the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of "The Backwoodsman" magazine has a lovely nostalgic account of hunting with a slingshot by Bill Herriman, aka Tex-Shooter. Cheers ..... Charles
  5. Homemade Slingshots
    Hello, It's me, the 14 year old novice shooter trying to create a 'Hunting Slingshot'. I want it for taking small game from the forests and fields that surround me here in Cornwall. (When I get a better shot) In my last attempt I came up with this...
  6. Slingshot Hunting
    Just a quick question. I see a few references on cold weather effecting band performance, I was wondering in what ways does cold weather effect the bands and what kind of temperatures are we talking about 40 deg F, 30 deg F, -15 deg F. Also is the effect different for different kind of bands...
  7. Introductions Forum
    Hello every one. I stumbled on to your forum while searching for non fire arm hunting methods. Glad to find it and all the info and support that I see. It is nice to find a community so willing to share their passion and hobbies so freely. Our family has come on some very hard times and is not...
  8. Hunting with my Saleos

    Out shooting with my saleos today ,an awesome sling !
  9. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hi i've been building slingshots for three years now and I am thinking about buying a slingshot. I have a flexible budget of £30 and need to get it shipped to Scotland or within 20 miles of Glasgow city center. I was looking at a Barnett Outdoors Cobra but am unsure.Any suggestions?
  10. Slingshot Hunting
    I've been making slingshots for a while now, but I haven't got around to too much hunting. This morning I looked out the window and saw a small pidgeon sitting in a tree and took a shot. It went low, so I took another shot and nailed it in the head with a 3/8 inch steel ball. I used a hand made...
  11. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Ok. I have a yard of 0.02" sheet latex. I would like to taper 27cm long bands 26mm-18mm. My question is... how many bands should I have on each side? I want to hunt small game with this slingshot so I want enough power to shoot 3/8 steel balls. Thanks!
  12. Homemade Slingshots
    My son Bo and I have made another slingshot, an ergo made with a Brazilian Cherry core and laminated with Bamboo and Cocobolo Rosewood.. Most of these were flooring samples we either got for free or 25 cents... Our new Makers Mark/Logo will be MAK since its both of our initials, I'm a Jr. and...
  13. Slingshot Hunting
    hey guys ive been crafting my own slingshots for a couple of years now i have finally come up with a design perfect for me. im going to start hunting soon. as soon as i can hit 1 inch targets from 15-20 meters away ( consistently ) . my bands are 25lb draw what type of ammo should i be using to...
  14. Slingshot Hunting
    just wondering what are the best dankung tubes for hunting and if it is better to have double or single bands. Cheers Reece
  15. Introductions Forum
    Hi there, found this site after searching for a new SS. I got my first slingshot as a kid then made a few using forked tree branches. Then abandoned it when i got into BB guns. Years later I bought a folding wrist rocket with ammo pouch and used it for pest control. Now I'm here looking into...
  16. Slingshot Hunting
    I have a good shot and on a regular paper target i hit bullseye 5 times out of 10 and middle other times. how can i start hunting and what should i hunt.
  17. Slingshot Hunting
    My first kill using my Seal Sniper from Bill Hays (Thanks Bill this SS is my personal favorite), its a red squirrel, got him right underneath his ear. Was sitting on a branch about 15 feet up a pine tree. One shot one kill using a .44 cal glass ball. And also before I did any shooting I went and...
  18. Slingshot Hunting
    ...may also be my smallest. I shot this mouse while looking for slingshot wood. I was on a big pile of cut saplings and these little guys were everywhere. This one popped its head up at the wrong time and I nailed him on the head with one shot. I used .38 caliber steel to shoot it. I called the...
  19. Slingshot Hunting
    Hi Guys. I have been wondering, what is the best ammo for pigeons? I've looked at 9.5mm steel balls but wasn't sure whether they would be okay? All opinions welcome! Cheers Luke
  20. Introductions Forum
    Hello from Ontario, Canada. What a pleasure it is to have discovered this forum! Recently I decided that I would like to eventually try my hand at hunting small game with a slingshot; unfortunately, I've not even held one since I was about 14 years old (it was a forked branch with bicycle tire...
1-20 of 32 Results