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  1. Competitions Forum
    And the winners this month are: In first place, Mckee with his Eagle slingshot Second place honours go to Flippinout for his Antler Hybrid Third place goes to the one and only Rapier for his Hype-x Altoid
  2. Competitions Forum
    Who made the best slingshot ?Setarip - Titanium Slingshot45.88%Bob Fionda - The Ent22.94%Btoon84 - Orangewood Hybrid68.82%Chepo - Zarrapastrosa710.29%WTBJR - Plum Purdy57.35%Rapier - Hype X Altoid913.24%DaveSteve - Eagle11.47%Flippinout - Antler Hybrid1014.71%AKMslingshots - Lignum Vitae...
  3. Competitions Forum
    This is the place to talk about this months nominations: Who'd you nominate and why?
  4. Competitions Forum
    Slingshot of The Month - JUN 2012 - Nominations Rules: Voting for any given Month is for slingshots posted in The previous month. eg Jan's comp is based on slingshots posted in December Only slingshots that are posted on are eligible for nomination. This post can be by The...
1-4 of 4 Results