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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    Hey guys, Well recently I haven't really been very active on here But I decided to get to work on a natty. Seeing as 'the weather outside was frightful' I grabbed an old (rubbish) fork and set to work. My aim was to create a bit of an edc/pocket poacher/comfy catapult that is ergonomic. I do...
  2. Knife Forum
    This is making its way very rapidly to the top of my current wish list . . . Made by the French company Deglon and retailing for about a grand.
  3. Knife Forum
    Hey guys, I was just wondering, what is your chosen knife when making slingshots? Whether its for carving, debarking, or cutting down the fork. Cheers Luke
  4. Homemade Slingshots
    Hello, I am still new on this forum. I have been making slingshot for about a year now.But I wanted to share a slingshot design I have been working on last week. I got the idea from the ray mears show. In this episode he make a knife in which he made the handle out of segments glued together...
  5. Knife Forum
    Hey guys, Just been looking at different knives and wondered whether this is actually any good.. what do you think?
  6. Knife Forum
    Hey everyone, What is your favourite knife?? Cheers Luke
  7. Knife Forum
  8. Other Weapon Types
    Anyone out there throw knives? I bought some a few years ago, and found them rather enjoyable, but I never could get very accurate with them, I'd be lucky to hit an archery block from about 10m. If anyone on here does use them, or ever has, what did you think about them, and if you were...
  9. Knife Forum
    My Bear Cub scout got his whittlin' chip card, and I know they are going to be doing some sort of project at the pack campout next month. I'd like to have a couple of more advanced projects to show them, but of course that would mean I will have to learn something that qualifies. So... nothing...
  10. Knife Forum
    I've been getting into knives lately, (all thanks to Hrawk, E~shot, Jskeen, NC and ZDP...... ) and decided i should have ago on making my own, i couldn't wait to try it. I purchased some High Quality Bohler O1 steel and started grinding. The O1 steel is 25 X 3 X 500 MM which is perfect for my...
  11. Knife Forum
    This should be an interesting thread. What knife do you carry for your everyday pocket knife? My weekday carry is a Swiss Army Hiker. I've carried a Swiss Army knife since I was about 12 except for a year when I carried a trusty "US Knife". I went through SERE training in Korea and had lost...
  12. Knife Forum
    This thing is a piece of art... functional art! I just wish I could afford it!!! P.S. Be sure to enlarge the image to view the details, such as the Herringbone...
  13. Knife Forum
    I picked up this little very old MOP complete with the Vault very cheap. I really live old knives. -- Tex
  14. Knife Forum
    I just finished this full tang "hunter" knife made from 5160 high carbon steel. I left the forging scale on the blade for "contrast", the wood is black line Cocobolo. Jon P. Moore
  15. Knife Forum
    What do you guys use for your survival knives? This is the one I carry when out hiking and what not: I like it because it has a full tang...
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  17. General Slingshot Discussion
    This is our new Leather Knife Holster you are welcome to visit us at: Slingshots & Accessories | History Of Slingshots | Catapults
1-17 of 17 Results