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  1. Knife Forum
    Hi there! Just want to show ye few pics of my shiny (some of them ) and sharp toys Hope u will enjoy! Spike Hawk by Polish The Hawk Family Custom Belt Axe by Paweł "Paps" Surdel Flying Brick (hawk) and KL01 (knife) by THF (The Hawk Family) Molletta Spartaco ("green soap" handle) and...
  2. Knife Forum
    This was a Gerber Machete cut and reshaped, getting a vertical belt sander midweek so gonna see what i can really come up with For more pics
  3. Knife Forum
    Hey guys, I have an old navy knife, but the blade is way past shiny.. When I polish it, it still has black marks and dots all over it. Does anyone have any ideas of how to clean it to a shine? I can upload some pictures if wanted.
  4. General Off Topic
    Why I have a love/hate relationship with Google, and it's getting more hateful all the time. "Google has now changed its policy so that "guns, ammunition and knives" do not show up in Google Shopping results."
  5. Knife Forum
    Would you buy a Sabre Knife? What if it also said Monarch USA and American Knife Company on the opposite side of the blade? What if the Blades had a diffident Ka-Bar shape? Well I bought this 5 5/16 inch hunter pattern Sabre just for those reasons. It has been abused some, but is still a nice...
  6. Knife Forum
    SpydercoWhich knife?Spyderco Sage850.00%Benchmade Mini-Griptillian850.00%
  7. Knife Forum
    I recently got into spears and blowguns and was wondering if anyone else here used them. If so do you have any suggestions on making them.
1-7 of 7 Results