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  1. Competitions Forum
    which vid makes you want to go out and get you some? 3 choicesselect your top 3 from below, good luck! all who participated.Bill Hays match light/ card cut66.32%Bill Hays match light/ soda pop penetrating/card cutting88.42%Bill Hays gale force winds...
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey all, I'm melting some lead to make my own ammo and for the mould i have just got a piece of wood with holes drilled in. So I have made a few lead cylinders for ammo but when i knock the lead out a lot of it breaks in half into a kind of crumbly type thing. So I am wondering if I am doing...
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Greetings, The name is Kameron thought I'd contribute an idea given to me by my Opa. The mould is quite simple consisting of only dry sand and a pencil (or something like it). All you do is push the pencil into the sand and pour lead into the void. Once the lead has cooled use snips to cut to...
  4. General Slingshot Discussion
    Going to order my 2 cavity mold and was curious as to what size you guys like for hunting ( I hear 12 mm a lot ) and what you flux with if your using wheel weights. Im looking at the .457 size mold, thats 11.6 mm to my knowledge. The .44 looks closer to 11mm. A far as flux goes I've heard...
  5. Slingshot Reviews
    well i have had my Gremlin from Bob Fionda now for 2 weeks, at first i kept it unbanded for collections sake, but that did not last long! it just kept calling to me, i put it in a drawer to silence it, went to make a snack and found it staring at me in the cupboard? i knew at that point i had to...
  6. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hi guys just wondering if I was the only one who enjoys shooting the .22 air rifle pellets out of a slingshot? I think there great, they even whistle down range ad they catch the air plus the band set and slingshot can be really small and discreet and yet fling them at some decent speed ...
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    I just got back from my local service station. I have been taking my vehicles in there for a few years. I asked about wheel weights and ball bearings, and they saved me some after I explained about slingshots. One of the managers has a hate-on for starlings and dropped a few hints about wishing...
  8. General Slingshot Discussion
    A friend of my Dad's gave him a 5 gal pail full of melted lead and wheel weights. It must weigh about 150 lbs. I brought it home this weekend. I can't wait to start melting and casting. I have a Lee double .445 mold with lead pot and ladle. I also have a 3 x 1 lb ingot mold, so when I get...
  9. Slingshot Hunting
    Would getting a rabbit just below the neck with a 12mm lead kill it?
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hi this is my first post and I am just wondering where to get some ammo at a good price for delivery in the UK? Any help or links would be highly appreciated Tom
  11. Slingshot Hunting
    Hi Guys. I have been wondering, what is the best ammo for pigeons? I've looked at 9.5mm steel balls but wasn't sure whether they would be okay? All opinions welcome! Cheers Luke
  12. General Slingshot Discussion
    this is my homemade lead ladle. I did all the weling and everything. Im new to welding so its not the best weld
  13. General Slingshot Discussion
    me and DGAF and some friends spent the day making 8g lead shots out of some old fishing weights
1-13 of 13 Results