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  1. Slingshot Reviews
    I finaly bought one. A catty that is. I have read reviews,good and bad. Most seem to like it well enough.Me . . . . I just love it!!Now there were a few issues out of the box , but were easily overcome.If you havent figured it out yet, I bought a Luck Ring. Out of the box I banded it up with...
  2. Slingshot Reviews
    The Luck Ring is a size that I favor being close to The Original Pickle Fork Shooter. Nice size very pocketable and powerful.
  3. Competitions Forum
    Ok, so you made your Altoid slingshot or your PFS or maybe got your Luck Rings in the mail, now it's time to use them! This month's Slingshotforum Online Tournament (SSFOT) will feature a Micro-Shooter Challenge. If it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it's in. If you have to ask...
  4. Slingshot Reviews
    The Dankung Luck Ring slingshot has been talked about a fair amount on the forum. Here are a few things others might want to know about them. I am only giving a few points of info so anyone that has something to add to this please tell what you noticed about the Luck Ring and how you found...
1-4 of 4 Results