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  1. Slingshot Reviews
    A while back, I contacted Nathan at Simple-Shot with a request...a matched set of a Maxim and a Maxim Champ with top slots. Today I got my wish...and then some. Here are the twins: The pics don't do them justice. The colors are red, black and what looks like a light oak. So far, I...
  2. Site Vendor's Forum
    Coming soon from FlippinOut Slingshots The Maxim 'EDC' Tactical Slingshot What is the 'EDC'?? Every Day Carry Another collaborative innovation from FlippinOut Slingshots and SuperSure Products, the 'EDC' series promises to be one slingshot that the true enthusiast will not want to be...
  3. Site Vendor's Forum
    I am really excited to introduce the latest design in the FlippinOut Slingshot range- The Maxim and Ultima! The Maxim and Ultima are the evolution of the popular Axiom and Omega, incorporating the positive hand placement and shootability they have become renowned for and the handle profile of...
1-3 of 3 Results