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  1. Competitions Forum
    Congratulations to the winners of this month's Slingshot of the Month In 1st place we have Danny0663 with his Aluminium & Micarta Slimline We have a tie for 2nd between Chepo with his 'La Mazakota' and Gardengrove's 'Tribute to Flippinout' In 3rd place we see Chepo once again on the...
  2. Competitions Forum
    Post your entries here for May 2012. Be sure to include your video and state what division the entry is for. Rules have been updated and clarified. Check them out here before you enter. Current Entries and Scores: NOVICE Richblades - 4 All Buns Glazing - 5 - Winner, Novice Class Jodi (Mrs...
1-2 of 2 Results