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  1. Introductions Forum
    Hey all, Cool site...I'm stoked. Looking to learn and connect. Any other members from Australia? Cheers Mero
  2. Introductions Forum
    Hi guys! I always had a wristrocket that I took to the fields as a kid. Now older and with a fresh baby boy who inspired me to pick up things I lost as a kid. I picked up a cheap slingshot from Amazon, did some YouTube research and got myself a new/old hobby. After a couple of days I ordered...
  3. Introductions Forum
    Greetings chaps, I'm in the UK and a keen air pistol shooter and tinkerer. Plinking, HFT, FT, Silhouette, 10 metre I also have a few air rifles for pest control, mainly feral pigeon. I basically enjoy firing an aimed projectile via a pistol, rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow, etc My other hobby...
1-3 of 3 Results