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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hi guys, there is a fun contest going on right now where the participants only used one knife to craft a slingshot. we've worked hard, so if you wouldn't mind, check out the voting thread and cast your ballot, thanks.
  2. Competitions Forum
    Pocket Knife ContestCast your vote!M_J's backyard bush12.44%Zamarion's Two Colored Eye12.44%Wak's Deadwood24.88%Armin's smooth little shooter512.20%JLS:Survival's Maple fork00.00%AKLEIN's shooter00.00%Ocelli's Bradford Pear00.00%NewConvert's Elm00.00%Pop Shot's Guava37.32%Karok01's Pocket...
  3. Competitions Forum
    Use this thread for posting your finished slingshots from the pocket knife competition. The rules are below. 1. Only one knife can be used from start to finish so choose wisely. No files, rasps, sandpaper, etc can ever touch the slingshot. The knife can have up to two blades but cannot have a...
1-3 of 3 Results