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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    A quick guide to adding images to your posts. There are 3 main ways of adding an image to your post: The 'Image' button Attaching Files The 'My Media' button The Image button This button allows you to enter the URL of an already hosted image. Images are usually hosted on another service such...
  2. General Off Topic
    Here is something that you might find interesting. Open full screen and left click in the border area for next picture. -- Tex
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Could someone educate a newbie on how to post pictures? Thanks!. I just went to bottom of page and found out. This is what was in my toaster this morn. It needs to be finished but it shoots well!
  4. USA Northeast
    Starting a thread so we can hopefully compile all the ECST pics in one place.
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Been trying to add to my Gallery Album but can't get to step two, I go through browse and pick my pics from my computer but after they load in the browse window nothing happens. Is says step 2 review and publish but I cant seem to get past step one??? Philly
1-5 of 5 Results