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  1. Knife Forum
    This old "Queen" trademarked knife is probability from the 50's or 60's by its trade mark. However I could not find this mark without USA on it listed. Sometimes called Light Farmer and sometimes called a Slim Jim. It was one of there cheaper knives, so it was generally used a lot and is not...
  2. Knife Forum
    Here is a unusual hammer brand Muskrat pocket knife that sold for about a dollar when it was new. This is only the second one that I have seen. These knives were used up my most all that bought them, so even though there was a lot of them sold, they are fairly rare. You can see the hammer forge...
  3. Knife Forum
    I bought four pen knives on line for under $10 including the shipping. Three of the four were genuine pearl handles and two were very nice. This old Sheffield Alexandra was the most unusual one of the four. It has checkered genuine pearl handles without cracks and all four blades are marked. The...
1-3 of 3 Results