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    Pocket Predator Ranger Recurve 3.5" Universal Forks
  2. For Sale by Individuals Forum
    Great Marksman slingshot- completely rehabbed and repainted with Rustoleum paint and heavy black bands. Slingshot has adjustable draw length which is helpful for fitting arrows. Comes with two great Pocket Predator slingbow plates (that I don't see on their website, so I'm pretty sure are no...
    $50 USD
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Today was my kind of mail day, no bills that I can't pay anyway and two packages of slingshots: The black ones on the ends are from Bill Hays. He had told me he was sending the Ring Finger Hunter (the little one) after I praised it so highly in the past couple of weeks but the other model (not...
  4. Slingshot Reviews
    Just got the Pocket Predator Standard in aluminum from Bill. Had to change the bands over to R/handed, no big deal. Has a nice heft to it, took it out for a few shots, so far me likes. Still very much pocket-able as the A+ but you know it's there.. The camo is well done, only time will tell how...
  5. Slingshot Reviews
    got the covert hunter prototype, shoots great, reaaly easy to keep a repeatable grip, nice low forks, comfy as heck. love it, Bill! i highly suggest trying it out. it's my favorite frame right now. the palm swell and the pinky pit really help stabilize it.
  6. Slingshot Reviews
    I asked bill to make some tweaks to the standard "symmetrical ergo" for me. I started off with mxred91's ergo, shortened the tips 1/2", widened them to 1", narrowed the finger/thumb grip areas, narrowed the throat width too. great service, spectacular product. shoots and feels perfect. give...
1-6 of 6 Results