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  1. Site Vendor's Forum
    Hi everyone, Today I made a new design of a two tone cherry, ergo. The fork fits very nicely in the hand, and is super accurate out to 15 yards. I have been shooting it and I am very happy with the results. I plan on making some more of these , and put this one on my see if there may...
  2. Slingshot Tutorials
    I have made a new slingshot design wich should add power and accuracy; I have a non working prototype that I will remold using resins. I plan on adding some milled glass as well. A company called something on has the mold stuff. It's incredible. You cut out the original, rebid, and pour your...
  3. Templates - Support Topics
    well i am working on this new design called the devil shooter and its pretty much finished just need a little perfecting and i plan on making it but i dont think i can do those tips with my machete and i dont have lots of tools :/ here it is
  4. Homemade Slingshots
    hi , ive just a new usefull tool , a bandsaw! i test new model in this moment. This is the first! it is not so easy to use a band saw ^ ^! but I'm going to train.
1-4 of 4 Results