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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    Ringshooters seem to be getting more popular recently. Just do a search on "ringshooter", "ring shooter", and "ringer", and you will see what I mean. There is one particular bearded guy down in Panama who extols their virtues and recently has been using them to obtain amazing velocities with...
  2. Mesquite Whale

    Mesquite Whale

  3. Mesquite Whale

    Mesquite Whale

  4. Mesquite Whale

    Mesquite Whale

  5. Ringshooter #7

    Ringshooter #7

    Here's Ringshooter #7. I'm starting to get the hang of sanding and finishing. This one is very smooth and very glossy. I wouldn't be ashamed to show this one to anybody. The wood is Cashew, rubber is 1842 and pouch by Jim Harris.
  6. Ring Shooter #6

    Ring Shooter #6

    Here is my latest Ring Shooter. The frame is Nispero, finished with 3 soaks of Teak oil, foloowed by 3 coats of clear high gloss lacquer. The tubes are 1842 and the pouch is by Jim Harris. It's a fine shooter.