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  1. Homemade Slingshots
    Ah ah, this fork came out with the face like a piglet, it's a root found in a creek with nice colours. It's ambidextrous and very light. It doesn't seem a strong wood to me, maybe poplar, good for targeting. I mounted Tex latex bands and shot some 10mm. ammos. I named it Piggy and finished with...
  2. Slingshot Reviews
    well i have had my Gremlin from Bob Fionda now for 2 weeks, at first i kept it unbanded for collections sake, but that did not last long! it just kept calling to me, i put it in a drawer to silence it, went to make a snack and found it staring at me in the cupboard? i knew at that point i had to...
1-2 of 2 Results