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    in 2 months i shredded two! glasses with my wasps. I think i should wear safety goggles over my glasses now... the rubber snaps and the the glasses are shred to pieces, or happens when my anchor point is too high. it's frustrating. happens when shooting FB (or almost). beeing nerdy sucks even...
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    Never had a fork hit, but my last shot of the day was a long one and I think I flipped a second too soon. Either way 3/8 steel made a nice little hole in my hand. May have a hairline fracture but dont have insurance so just gonna ride out the next few weeks without stressing it too much.
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    I've seen a little about slingshot stickshots. A slingshot in which you flip the frame downward before the shot comes, otherwise it hits the frame. I've been intrigued with these-- never made one, but I'm wondering--- how safe are they?
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    Well its taken me long enough to get the hole video thing working, stuck with the phone still so they are short vids but I figure better than nothing, will have better vids soon. Any way the third hit bounced back and wackd me nostril!
1-5 of 6 Results