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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    1/2" steel 1/2" and 3/8" steel *No TV's were harmed during this temper tantrum. This was a curb-find that needed to be taught a lesson. :)
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey Fellow Shooters: I would like to thank everybody here who helped me grow. I am new to this. A month ago, I bought a slingshot. Today, I shortened the bands I bought from simple shot to 21cm, so now the elongation factor is about around 350%, 73cm draw length. It was 280% in the past, the...
  3. Targets
    I followed the IDEA of this guy on utube but I make it smaller for my appartment, I bought pressed paper/wood flat MATS that are used to be put under WOODEN FLOOR, 20 euros the 30 mats 1 meter x 65 cms X 5mms thick.....then I cut the lot to make little 15 cms chunks, that I will stack one upon...
  4. The Art of Shooting
    Edited per Charles' questions. I shoot OTT, usually using 030 latex straight cut @ 3/4". It seems that after putting on new set of rubber that my shot placement is dramatically more inconsistent. Once those bands get 40-60 shots under their belt then shot placement comes back to what I...
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hello SlingshotForum friends!! It is still good weather around these parts. So, I took a chance on a "hunt" for feral cans the other day and, guess what ...I caught a few ones :D Just make this small video in a tribute to this forum, it's members and all the slingshot maniacs out there!! Nothing...
  6. The Art of Shooting
    This weekend we had the first shooting practice of the year, now we are using the CO2 capsules as a target, and this give you a pint in the score. the distance is 15 mts .... the candles are just to warm the accuracy ... Here some material in YouTube... If this like you, give us a Like ...
  7. The Art of Shooting
    here is a few shots at a couple of cans, catty used , yo slingshots buck-eye + single natural latex + 10mm lead balls , enjoy Cheers, Reece
  8. General Slingshot Discussion
    Yesterday, I tried to shoot holding the slingshot in my other hand (Right) to see if I could even do it. The outcome wasn't bad, but really felt awkward. The hardest part for me was putting the ammo in the pouch with my opposite hand, that and everything else.. Have you ever tried it? If not...
  9. The Art of Shooting
    Hey guys This is my first of hopefully many videos. A little target practise from 22ft, 9.5mm steel, Bill hays slingshot. I am a pretty bad shot but learning every day. Sorry for the poor quality and camera positioning, will change on the next video. I didn't realise how zoomed in it was haha...
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    hi ive been wanting to try a shooting compatition but i dont fancy a big one as it will be my fist i know that on th 7th of april the UK Catapult Association championship was held witch is a shame becasue its near me but i would like a smaller one just to try it and not too get too...
  11. The Art of Shooting
    So I'm used to shooting sideways but through the forks. When I shoot this way I aim by following the top band and the top fork. I was wondering how would you aim shooting sideways but over the top? Do you still follow the bands? or the middle of the top fork? I couldn't really figure it out
  12. General Slingshot Discussion
    So I'm new and I've noticed videos of arrows being shot with slingshots? For people that actually have done it, is it actually practical hunting wise? What's the effective shooting range? And what kind of slingshots could be used? Maybe a seal sniper?
  13. The Art of Shooting
    After you have shot out the center of the can and you shoot through the hole does it still count as a hit just because you didn't hear it hit the can?
  14. General Slingshot Discussion
    I did some shooting and made a video about it. Not my best day of shooting, but still fun. A little frustrating, I admit. Don't do this. When you shoot, hit what you're aiming at. Maybe once or twice at least.
  15. The Art of Shooting
    Here is two new DGUI videos. He is a fantastic shooter. -- Tex
  16. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey everyone. I am currently finishing off making a mini-hunter by Bill Hays. This slingshot is set up for 0TT shooting but I have never shot 0TT. Does anyone have any advice or tips for shooting 0TT? Cheers Luke
  17. General Slingshot Discussion
    Several have ask if my light tubes can be shot on a Saunders Wrist Rocket Pro, so I made a double set and ran some test on a Saunders Wrist Rocket Pro and then I ran a test with Saunders Black Mamba bands for comparison. Note I used the thick ends of the clip for these light bands. Lastly I ran...
  18. General Slingshot Discussion
    Second post today! Arn't I busy? Anyway, I live in the open country of England and I own a massive field. I was wondering, if I set up a portaloo, a marqueet, supplies and so on, could I hold a tournament? Or, at least, would anyone even be interested? It'd be in Warwickshire. Please respond...
  19. The Art of Shooting
    What ammo do you use?6mm 104.41%8mm3013.22%9.5mm10144.49%12mm4821.15%Other 3816.74%
1-20 of 28 Results