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  1. For Sale by Individuals Forum
    Great Marksman slingshot- completely rehabbed and repainted with Rustoleum paint and heavy black bands. Slingshot has adjustable draw length which is helpful for fitting arrows. Comes with two great Pocket Predator slingbow plates (that I don't see on their website, so I'm pretty sure are no...
    $50 USD
  2. Targets
    I followed the IDEA of this guy on utube but I make it smaller for my appartment, I bought pressed paper/wood flat MATS that are used to be put under WOODEN FLOOR, 20 euros the 30 mats 1 meter x 65 cms X 5mms thick.....then I cut the lot to make little 15 cms chunks, that I will stack one upon...
  3. Introductions Forum
    I am a 63 years old French Man and I recently created 2 wooden slingshot, waiting for a BARNETT black widow to come through the post office, and I am a uge fan a SNIPERSLING and his DARTS, that will prevent me to use arrows in my place...hoping to get fun and tips with u all here......I also...
  4. Slingbow Forum
    Useing Bill Hayes free design, the ergo arrow shooter, Bo and I made the Mountain Man Preppers Survival Slingbow... The last shot on this video is 120 feet.. Kip
  5. The Art of Shooting
    Me and my son Bo testing the new arrow shooter at night.. sorry for the poor lighting.. It also shoots slingshot ammo great.. Kip
  6. Homemade Slingshots
    Here is my latest two versions of Weber Slingbow. Both finished in CA glue and buffed out.(thanks for tutorial Nathan!) My buddy Pat took pics for me. The first is walnut with large cedar palmswell. It also has a nice shaped from swell, but no pics (sorry) Second one is of Black walnut with...
  7. Homemade Slingshots
    Hi Guys! After seeing "Big Sandy's" nice Gloveshot variant, I really wanted to build one of these myself, but I also decided to build a slingbow as my next project. So, I thought, why not make both in one. On the picture, you can see the current state of my "Glovebow". The blank shape is still...
  8. Homemade Slingshots
    Although the comment is in Polish but a picture is worth a thousand words - a pleasant viewing
1-9 of 9 Results