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  1. General Slingshot Discussion
    A while back i sent a gift across the atlantic to one of the guys on here ,just because i thought he might like it,well he must have done because when i returned home from work yesterday there was a package waiting for me, i hastily ripped it open to find 2 amazing slingshots inside,both of them...
  2. The Art of Shooting
    I want to get a couple of slings for my grandkids. One is five and one is six. There are A LOT OF GREAT MAKERS AND USERS ON THIS FORUM, so I would like some input. What would be a nice sling for me to get for the little ones. They have never shot before and I myself am just re-learning. I...
  3. Sling Forum
    Made my first sling today. I made the pocket out of some pretty decent leather and used some $1.98 Walmart digicamo cord for the rest. Of course I had to try it. I took about 10 shots with it and all but one went basically forward, Note that I didn't say straight forward. And then there...
1-3 of 3 Results