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  1. The Art of Shooting
    I wanted to post this as a follow-up to my "Getting Accuracy with Looped Tubes" tutorial. This is my latest entry in the 10 meter contest and the first perfect score in any contest using looped tubes (as far as I'm aware). This is part of my ongoing quest to prove, even to...
  2. The Art of Shooting
    Here's a couple of vids for the 20m contest at . The first one is good for a laugh, the second one is a little better. Can't wait for it to warm up some more! Being able to shoot at this distance again is great
  3. The Art of Shooting
    Here's my latest entry for the 10m shooting contest over at 4 in the bullseye, one off by that much, score 23. Hawk2009 has a perfect entry. I know there are other real shooters here, at least pepole who say they are. I've seen what seems like an awful lot of posts lately...
1-3 of 3 Results