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  1. Site Vendor's Forum
    SPS #74 Lava Flow Kirinite Sold
  2. Site Vendor's Forum
    Want a chance to win a Performance Catapults Hoodie? Simple... Reply to this thread! Winner will be drawn on Dec 15th, 2012 at 10PM EST Want to earn an extra entry? "Like" my facebook page in the link below, then copy/paste the following on my wall. * I just registered to win a...
  3. Site Vendor's Forum
    Go to my facebook page in my signature below, to register for an awesome give-a-way.
  4. Site Vendor's Forum
    SPS #83 Patriot Kirinite Available for $249.99 plus shipping This is a brand material called Kirinite. It has very intense bright metal pearl coloring. This material is a tough as Corian(tm) using a proprietary process and is imported from the U.K. Four coats of clear lacquer have been applied.
  5. Slingshot Reviews
    Had the pleasure to meet with Jim to try out the SPS line from Performance Catapults. I'm a complete novice to slingshots, but have done extensive research into what I wanted for my first shooter. After looking for some time, I decided the SPS was what I had to have. Luck have it, I live 10...
  6. USA Midwest
    History was made in the slingshot world this weekend, as Michael McClure (M_J) won the overall championship at the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament. MJ took the Performance Catapults SPS to victory, beating the best shooters in the country, shooting LOOPED TUBES !!! I cannot put into words...
  7. Slingshot Hunting
    1745's, supersure superpouch, SPS and 3/8" steel. Headshot pass through at 15 m. Any tanning tips?
  8. Slingshot Reviews
    I must have looked at Jims post a hundred times before deciding that the "Jaybird Osage" was just to good to leave alone. I still can't believe someone didn't snap it up before me, but their loss....... This sling is amazing! All doubts about spending the cash have vanished, and I can only say...
  9. Site Vendor's Forum
    Brazilian Ebony, finished with clear lacquer. Available for $169.99 + shipping. Will be outfitted with a looped tube bandset of your choice, and a paracord lanyard.
  10. General Slingshot Discussion
    Well I think finally got two slingshoots I have been wanting. Hope the makers will not mind me using their pictures as I still need a camera. The Ultima from Flippinout is a beauty. I was planning on shooting this weekend, but the rain stopped that. Then yesterday the SPS arrived. Another...
  11. Site Vendor's Forum
    This is the new range of SPS frames available. The finished material is OD Green Linen Micarta. The pictured frame has a tactical grip edge, which will sell for $124.99 + shipping, and the available sanded edge finish will sell for $149.99 + shipping.
  12. The Art of Shooting
    I've been playing around with 107 bands again just because changing things up keeps it interesting. I shot up a few targets for comparison purposes with 107s and looped 1842s, which is what I've mostly been using since I got the Performance Catapults SPS around Thanksgiving. This is an utterly...
  13. Site Vendor's Forum
    Finished with Canvas Micarta, XVI has a tactical, unfinished edge. It is pinned with 3/16" countersunk stainless tubing. This is another original frame, from the flagship, metal-core slingshot producer. Available for $124.99 plus shipping. I can produce a fine sanded edge on this frame for an...
  14. Site Vendor's Forum
    SPS #14 was the first opportunity to work with the Osage that Jay gave me last year. The board he gave me has alot of chequeing (SP?), but nonetheless, beautiful. The wood for one face had some cheques prior to laminating, but I still proceeded to use it. The cheques are stabilized, and I feel...
  15. General Slingshot Discussion
    I, like many of you, have been looking at the Spanish-style tournament slingshots posted by Alfshooter. One unusual feature of them is the sighting system they use. That got me to wondering if a workable sight could be adopted to a western style, sideways-held slingshot. I came up with this...
  16. Slingshot Reviews
    This is my review of my latest slingshot, which is designed and produced by Jim Harris at Performance Catapults. It is called the SPS. I ordered mine in Cocobolo. I chose Cocobolo because of its beauty. I find the Dark wood, with defined grain pattern very pleasing to the eye. Well, my eye...
  17. Site Vendor's Forum
    Sale is pending
  18. Site Vendor's Forum
    SPS #12 Cocobolo
  19. Site Vendor's Forum
    Cocobolo dressed SPS Maple dressed SPS
  20. Site Vendor's Forum
    I am pleased to announce, the first Team Performance Catapults member, Michael McClure (M_J). M_J has been instrumental in helping me promote the sport of slingshots here in the midwest. His devotion to the sport is reflected in his contributions to the slingshot community. M_J's shooting...
1-20 of 21 Results