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    SPS #74 Lava Flow Kirinite Sold
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    Want a chance to win a Performance Catapults Hoodie? Simple... Reply to this thread! Winner will be drawn on Dec 15th, 2012 at 10PM EST Want to earn an extra entry? "Like" my facebook page in the link below, then copy/paste the following on my wall. * I just registered to win a...
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    Go to my facebook page in my signature below, to register for an awesome give-a-way.
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    SPS #83 Patriot Kirinite Available for $249.99 plus shipping This is a brand material called Kirinite. It has very intense bright metal pearl coloring. This material is a tough as Corian(tm) using a proprietary process and is imported from the U.K. Four coats of clear lacquer have been applied.
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    Brazilian Ebony, finished with clear lacquer. Available for $169.99 + shipping. Will be outfitted with a looped tube bandset of your choice, and a paracord lanyard.
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    Finished with Canvas Micarta, XVI has a tactical, unfinished edge. It is pinned with 3/16" countersunk stainless tubing. This is another original frame, from the flagship, metal-core slingshot producer. Available for $124.99 plus shipping. I can produce a fine sanded edge on this frame for an...
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    SPS #14 was the first opportunity to work with the Osage that Jay gave me last year. The board he gave me has alot of chequeing (SP?), but nonetheless, beautiful. The wood for one face had some cheques prior to laminating, but I still proceeded to use it. The cheques are stabilized, and I feel...
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    Sale is pending
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    SPS #12 Cocobolo
1-9 of 9 Results