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  1. Videos
    Just doing a lil shooting on my downtime between calls at work with a homemade figure 8 SS my brother made for me. I’m far from a pro, but I love this shit. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. I took this one a lil while after
  2. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey folks, I was looking at spinner targets the other day and was thinking that I would really enjoy something more interactive. Also, my wife and I enjoy playing darts and I wanted a way to make shooting into a game. So this is my idea so far and please feel free to use/expand on my ideas and...
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey folks, I looked around and didn't see this kind of hanger, I'm sure someone has figured it out before, but if not, feel free to make one and try it out! I used some pretty heavy steel wire, a little heavier than what is normally used for a Drop ceiling/grid. Though I believe the gauge of...
  4. Targets
    Hey folks, This is a target I made after work. I didn't have long to work on it, so it's not pretty. I use bbs exclusively right now, I'm interested to see how the solder joints will hold up. I tried to upload a video as well, it has a very nice bright tone, but apparently I'm missing some...
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hey Folks, Hope you had a great day. I am new. And I am currently shooting beer cans at around 14 yards. What targets do you use? I plan to make one myself. Cardboard box and drill a few holes and use string to hang a spinner target in the front and hang a T shirt with a string in the back...
  6. Homemade Slingshots
    Here I painted targets and used uv light strip.
  7. Targets
    I followed the IDEA of this guy on utube but I make it smaller for my appartment, I bought pressed paper/wood flat MATS that are used to be put under WOODEN FLOOR, 20 euros the 30 mats 1 meter x 65 cms X 5mms thick.....then I cut the lot to make little 15 cms chunks, that I will stack one upon...
  8. General Slingshot Discussion
    Here is a quick vid that I watched about how to make targets that making a small explosion, super loud banging sound when impacted. There are only two materials needed to make it, and it takes roughly 5 minutes to make. They're really quick, cheap, and easy to make. Let me know what you all think!
  9. Newbie Question Forum
    Hey guys, I just found out that a store nearby has some theratube .I just want a little help to know what is the best for me. I want to hunt rabbits and pigeons and target shooting .I am 15 but I am already stronger than most of adults. Thanks for the help. :wave:
  10. The Art of Shooting
    This weekend we had the first shooting practice of the year, now we are using the CO2 capsules as a target, and this give you a pint in the score. the distance is 15 mts .... the candles are just to warm the accuracy ... Here some material in YouTube... If this like you, give us a Like ...
  11. General Slingshot Discussion
    I know some of you guys already use a spoon as a spinning target but I can't recall them wrapped/hung like this. Any way if it was done before oh well. To someone it may be another way to hang the spoon. I find it doesn't get knocked off by the shots distorting the handle like when the handle...
  12. General Slingshot Discussion
    Here is a view from my deck that I shoot from. Do you see what I see? It is so tempting, wanting to ring it just once! Of course this will have to be one of those targets that I never get to satisfy myself with tagging it just once. You know, the shot well placed to ricochet in the right...
  13. Airgun Forum
  14. The Art of Shooting
    Hey everyone, So after a days exam revision I decided to get out, uncover my catchbox, and do a little shooting! Using the slingshot Bill Hays made for me, I drew the bands, lined them up, closed my left eye (I hold the slingshot in my right eye), and shot. I hit the target but just didn't...
  15. General Slingshot Discussion
    Here is a little target practice
  16. The Art of Shooting
    I was poking through a second hand store, and I came across a bag containing 5 wiffle balls, used by golfers to practice their swing: Yep ... I know there are only 4 in the bag ... I already took one out. These things are pretty tough and very light. I used to shoot at spoons, but spoons...
  17. The Art of Shooting
    Playing around with targets tonight and came up with the following one. I call it 'Royal Flush' How many Royal Flushes can you get with 25 shots ? PDF Downloads are available for A4 and US Letter HERE
  18. Slingshot Reviews
    E~Shot Leather Pouch I recently recieved some of E~shot's Pouches, The new Target pouch along with his standard pouches. First impression; I like them a lot! Simple yet looks functional. After shooting; Has a very nice textured leather and shoots and feels quite well. From what i gather around...
  19. The Art of Shooting
    Here is my 2nd paper target I have shot at to get a sense of how I will do on the paper targets. It is the only one since my post of the first one I shot at. Just put it out, got a sense of range with a few shots and went for it. I don't know which order they hit since when shooting I can't...
  20. General Slingshot Discussion
    i have been shooting regularly (100+ shots a day) for a month now. I can only average hitting the 8oz (the small one) coke can about 7 of 10 times. sometimes more and once and a while less. I was just wondering what kind, and size target you shoot at from the 33 feet. Should I shoot at something...
1-20 of 26 Results