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  1. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Elastic Ammo Speed (fps) Power (ft lb) Dankung 1842 double pseudo tapered 12mm lead 259 26.8 Dubdub Green single pseudo tapered 12mm lead 259 23.6 Theraband Gold double tapered 12mm lead 229 18.4 Dubdub Orange single straight 12mm lead 215 16.3 Barnett Standard...
  2. Homemade Slingshots
    Hello Slingshotforum friends!! Before I leave on vacations, I just took the opportunity to make another natural slingshot. This one was made out of a very old oak cork branch that was lying on the ground in a forest near Sintra (Portugal) and that I was fortunate to find. Quercus suber branches...
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    Hi ! I use theraband gold since few days , simple band but over 50/80shot it begin to crak :/ . I ve change it 3 time , its the cause of a simple band, double are much resistant ?
1-7 of 7 Results